Houston Handmaids Stand for Reproductive Justice

All across the nation, cloaked in red robes, Handmaids have been showing up at various events, protests, and in statehouses in order to bear witness to harmful legislation and bring attention to a number of critical issues. Indeed, the first organized Handmaid protest of 2017 occurred here in Texas, at our Capitol Building. Houston Handmaids was created to continue these actions. We will continue standing for the myriad of issues encompassed in reproductive justice. We will stand for the dreamers who worry about deportation. We will stand for mothers who worry about their children encountering officers. We will stand for people who seek access to abortion. We will stand for our trans brothers & sisters when they are under attack. We will stand for people who seek access to healthcare. We will stand with those who are dedicated to complete bodily autonomy. Houston Handmaids is a group created by folks in and around the Houston metro area for use by folks in and around the Houston metro area, and we look forward to allying with groups with the same goals, so we may help by putting a startling visual on the face of the reproductive justice movement.


  • Houston Handmaids gather at Ted Cruz’s office to encourage a ‘NO’ on Senate Tax plan

    HOUSTON – It’s no ‘Occupy’ sized demonstration, but a group of activists do have a message for Texas Senator Ted Cruz this Thanksgiving. “We’re saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to this tax cut. We’re telling Ted Cruz to vote against the GOP tax scam. A huge Christmas wrapped tax cut for the wealthy on the Read more…

  • Graham-Cassidy bill | CW39 NewsFix Houston Handmaids Graham-Cassidy bill

    CW39 NewsFix WASHINGTON, D.C. – The prognosis on the latest bill to repeal Obamacare is in. Using medical jargon, it’s a code blue. The Graham-Cassidy bill is dead. Senators will not vote on it because they don’t have the requisite 51 votes needed to pass it. One reason might be the that the Congressional Budget Read more…

  • Healthcare Repeal Back on the Table Once More Healthcare Repeal Back on the Table Again

    Attack of Undead Healthcare Repeal The zombie that is Healthcare Repeal has come back from the dead once more, this time, in the form of the Graham-Cassidy Bill. Senate Republicans are attempting to garner enough solid yes votes to repeal Obamacare and replace it with its newest incarnation of the abomination that will invariably be Trumpcare. Read more…

  • Stay Strong, Charlottesville

    Solidarity with Charlottesville Lately, it seems as though no one enters the weekend thinking everything will be fine with our political situation. But none of us could have prepared for what occurred in Charlottesville this weekend. We’ve known hate is alive and well here in America, and we knew it the moment a certain pernicious Read more…

  • Activists Rally Against Paxton - Houston Handmaids Activists Rally Against Paxton

    Houston Public Media Immigration activists rallied in Houston Tuesday against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, as he addressed a republican organization. They were mad that he is urging the federal government to eliminate a program that prevents some undocumented immigrants already in the country from being deported. A group of about 15 people rallied outside Read more…

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#HouHandmaids are not at #AnimeMatsuri today, but if you are and require assistance handling a harassment situation, locate an HPD officer or go to the con moms in room 311 of the GRB. Thanks to @BoycottMatsuri for confirming!

#AM2018 #BoycottAnimeMatsuri #cosplayisnotconsent

Would have been better in gif form, but don't have the program for it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #BoycottAnimeMatsuri #AnimeMatsuri #TheGoodPlace #Animematsuri2018 #AM2018

We believe victims. Full stop.

Because of this, we’re outside @AnimeMatsuri this morning. Thanks to @BoycottMatsuri for sharing the info folks NEED to know. #CosplayIsNotConsent #TimesUp   #NoMore

#metoo   #metoohou #sexualharassment #reprojustice #houhanmaids

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Houston Handmaids is always accepting more help! Please reach out if you have interest in serving as a Handmaid or acting in another costumed role, acting as an ally to help us at events, helping us create and maintain our cloaks, helping us organize our group further, or helping us work with local resistance groups. The work never ends when it comes to the resistance, and Houston Handmaids won't turn down those who are eager to help.